Are You A Belieber?​

Justin Bieber reportedly wrote that he “hoped that Anne Frank would have been a belieber” on his recent visit to the Anne Frank Museum.


justin bieber

Great to know that the Canadian moron fully appreciates what the second World War was all about then! Nice one mate! He also thinks that Anne Frank was a “great girl”.  Marvellous! Are we to assume the dipstick can actually READ and has read her diary?

To try and spin Anne Frank’s diary to his own self promotion is crass and pathetic.  And yes, how brave of me to mock him, yes you little freaky tween twitter trolls!

Bring! It! On! I will take you on and your stupid bullying tactics to demolish anyone who criticises your boring pin-up who sings like he is crying.  And guess what, when you all start your periods you will become even more psychotic and fall out with all your little boring gangs and get a taste of your own medicine! Pah!


5 Comments to “Are You A Belieber?​”

  1. Wow, you feel pretty strongly about this idiot’s comments. That he is an idiot, nobody doubts. That he is a product of the environment that he has been brought up in, completely and totally manufactured, with countless people taking advantage of him to make money and therefore blowing him full of hot air (for their own benefit), I don’t doubt either. I am not excusing what he said, I think it’s plain disgusting.

  2. It was pitiful. But remember he is an multi-millionaire uneducated teenager who was raised by a teen mom who is antifeminist as well as a consumerist society that has convinced his very immature self that they are beliebers. Bless his heart for the road he is on.

  3. I think it was an unwise statement but remember he’s only 19. We all said stupid stuff at that age. Apparently the tour guide goaded him to say it because he was told that Anne Frank was really into pop culture. The reason the press went wild for the story was because Bieber was such a d1ck to them I didn’t he try to punch a journo?

    Anyway, great stuff, he is a moron!

  4. Got to be “blog post of the week” ladies, love it! I have a daughter. I am trying to shield her from such pop trash culture. It’s hard but I am determined. Not trying to totally cut her off from the outside world of course – but I do feel for our children who are bombarded with such fickle nonsense through the media and music in this generation……(I know I sound like a ranty old mummy but I don’t care……and I’m not that old btw I’m a seventies child…)
    Re Bieber – where are the “responsible adults” around this vulnerable young man??!! Let’s not see him go down that rocky road of life in the limelight……

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