50 Shades of Feminism

fifty shades of feminism book cover

At work we are all reading 50 Shades of Feminism – less than £10 and in hardback (unless you prefer Kindle) so get your copy asap, you will love it.  I would recommend this book particularly if like me, you have a short commute to work and love to read little bite-size nuggets of delightfully well-written essays.

This book is written by 50 authors, young and old, and from all different backgrounds about being a woman today. Contributors include the divine Meera Syal, Joan Bakewell (recently very excellent on Have I Got News For You – catch it on BBC iplayer), Shami Chakrabarti (slightly annoying but someone has to do her job and true to form, her chapter is a little snoozeville), Linda Grant (love), Kate Mosse (her book was recently serialised for Channel 4, pretty good easy viewing), and Jeanette Winterson, an old school feminist who always reminds me of school as everyone in my year was reading Oranges are Not the Only Fruit at the same time.  And this is to only name a few.

I am still reading it at the moment but couldn’t wait to recommend it.  What I particularly enjoy is the introduction to writers I have never heard of and subjects I had no idea about.  A Chinese author talks us through how Mandarin characters is sexist.  We also get topics like having a housekeeper and performing in a techy world of video games (we recently blogged about female gamers!)

Get it now – you will love it.


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