Sunday Brunch In Style


On the way to the London Marathon today, we popped into The Wolseley on Piccadilly.  Isn’t it wonderful? You live in London for a million years and there are still amazing treasures to find. The welcome was lovely and we were quickly guided to lovely seats even though we hadn’t booked and it was busy brunch o’clock.

We ordered English breakfast tea which arrived quickly, hot and strong in cutey pie silver pots. You know you are somewhere fabulous when even the bread and butter is so divine, you find yourself asking please sir, may we have some more?

I ordered kegeree. Now! Everyone knows that only my mum can cook good kegeree and whenever I order it outside it is disappointing. But there was something about the lovely setting, the grandness, the exquisite-ness that lulled me into thinking, it’ll be delicious! A chef in a place like this must know what she’s doing!

I wasn’t disappointed. WOW! Even writing about it now, I want some more. All the flavours were wonderfully balanced, which is hard when dealing with rice, spice, smoked haddock and poached egg. The portion size was also perfect, I know that sounds weird to comment on portion size but I just felt so wonderfully satisfied after my brunch that it warrants a mention.

The only downside is I was clearly the youngest in there and I am hitting 40. What a pity younger crowds don’t pop in. It wasn’t expensive, less than £40 for 2 brunch meals, sides and two drinks incl tip.  I guess it’s a little over-the-top? But it isn’t though!  And anyway, over-the-top is GOOD, dining in rubbishy brunch places is soooo university days, get out the silver and enjoy!


One Comment to “Sunday Brunch In Style”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. It’s so accessible too, I’ll have to try to pop in the next time I am in London. Brunch costs that much in London in a normal restaurant anyway, so it’ll be nice to go somewhere with a little more of a special feel to it.

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