Vanity Becomes Her


Beyonce began her world tour with a flurry of images being published of her stage costumes.  Her press team have now declared a ban on media photography as they will be provided with official photography ensuring Beyonce looks her best.  Apparently this is due to unflattering photos of her being published earlier in the year.

It does make me wonder where the power lies in a celebrity’s relationship with the media.  As new artists they covet media attention and then become irate at the same media once they are famous insisting on certain camera angles (Mariah Carey) and now controlling the release of images.  The internet means that we are all mini reporters now, tweeting grainy concert images and snapping any banal aspect of life for something or the other.

I think Beyonce needs to lighten up, becoming a control freak shows a lack of humour and extreme vanity that sits uneasily with most of us.



3 Comments to “Vanity Becomes Her”

  1. I don’t know how I feel about this. I think that most artists don’t really have much say about what decisions are made for them in terms of their PR. I don’t know. I also think that the media sometimes purposely photographs unflattering moments/outfits all because they know they can sell it to a large audience. We live in a messed up world. You know, that’s how it goes.

    • I think newer artists don’t have much say but once you’re as successful as Beyonce I’m sure it’s different. It is vindictive to publish bad photos and poke fun but I feel more media outlets are positive about her and admire her so it is wrong to stifle any attempt at publishing images of her looking less than perfect. The official photos will most likley be touched up too so it does come across as extreme vanity.

      I went to her concert years ago in the Destiny’s Child days and thought she looked very different from published images of her.

  2. Is it really vanity though? Her image is her job and to control her brand is surely good business practice. I agree that she looks very different in real life but I’m not sure that’s the point. Even the Obamas control their image on social media and all photos are touched up. It is sad that she has to be this protective of her image though, it sounds like she can’t have a giggle at a naff photo!

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