Wax Off




Did I miss something? Poetic?

Ok, I’ve tried to avoid it and ignore it and hope it just went away but I am now forced to join the pubic hair debate that is rocking the nation (well, it is if you read leftie papers).

Like the 30-something journos I am gutted that 92% of 8-16 year olds have seen hard core porn. Hard core! And apparently the effect of this on our children’s minds is that they feel pubic hair is gross and girls need to be bare “down there”. Boys allegedly “feel sick” at the thought of female pubes (note to boys: your pubes make girls feel sick too and don’t get me started about your back and shoulders you freak).

I recently announced to my husband that “I am as longer going to get bikini waxes, the gym is now charging £45 and quite frankly, I have better things to spend that cash on”. He quite rightly went bright red and told me I was the weirdest woman he’d ever known. (Weirder than his mum? How dare he!)

Fear not readers, I still look fabulous (all over if you must know) but I don’t part with my hard earned cash for stupid stuff and concentrate on spending on disposable fashion, fruity cocktails and watching plays I don’t understand. But I am a close to 40 and it’s wonderfully easy to be self-assured and confident about how amazing I am and look.

I definitely did not feel like this as a teen. There’s nothing we can do to stop it is there? I just despair for these younger girls that are having womanhood forced down their throats as children. I am sure they will cope, we all coped in the end but if you have any girls around you then don’t ignore this or any subject. These girls have to know that what they hear and see in the playground isn’t what real life is all about.


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