The Art of Selecting A Watermelon

watermelon with feta cheese

Apparently there is a science to selecting a watermelon but I think it’s quack. Science: Tap it and it should sound hollow if it’s ripe. Nonsense. Try listening to a watermelon when there is heavy traffic honking behind you.

The art of selecting the most perfect juicy red watermelon can best be described as Russian roulette… Best of luck!  If any of you have tips please let me know.

At Delhi street fruit vendors, owners often wield long rusty knives (possibly retrieved from a ship wreck) jumping to cut watermelons open to show how ripe they are.  Fearing the need of a tetanus injection I always flap around insisting no, no I will check at home with the empty threat of IIIFFF it’s not ripe I’m going to bring it back to you! It’s like a play as they always say yes of course when we all know well enough that no one will drive all the way back to them with an anaemic looking melon.

If your Watermelon happens to be perfect the only and best way to enjoy it is from the fridge and with feta cheese.  The salty creaminess of the feta with the cool sweetness of watermelon is a match made in food heaven.


3 Comments to “The Art of Selecting A Watermelon”

  1. feta with watermelon….hmmmm…im not convinced!

  2. I was introduced to this combo by my Greek friends. I was also sceptical but do try it, it’s scrumptious!

  3. I agree! It sounds gross but it is very very refreshing to eat watermelon with feta, esp in a hot country.

    Think brie and black grape – they go together don’t they?

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