Epic Pepsi Fail


Of course I haven’t drank Pepsi since their appalling behaviour towards Michael Jackson … (they ditched MJ when he was accused of being a paedo and I was too young to think eek, MJ is a little weird!!)

But if you needed a second reason to drop Pepsi from the shopping list it is this disgraceful advert for its gross green snot drink, Mountain Dew. An advert that glorifies domestic violence and described as “the most racist advertisement of all time” because it lines up black guys in a police line-up and sticks a goat in the middle. I can’t even begin to comprehend what moron would ok this ad to go online.  Apparently one that thinks it hilarious to have a beaten up woman chose her perpetrator from a line up of bad scary young black men, who all beat up their women coz y’know that’s what black guys do. Haha!

And if you needed a third and forth reason: it rots your teeth of course  AND it goes flat really quickly, tastes like a eating a cheap penny cola bottle on a too hot day when you are really too polite to spit it out in case anyone sees you.

Although Pepsi have taken full responsibility and apologised it should never have been given the go ahead.  Named and shamed.


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