The Indian Goth

Nitin bal chauhan bhoot savaar logo

Laidback rebel without a cause and fashion designer, Nitin Bal Chauhan, presented a collection for his new brand Bhootsavaar last week and it was and injection of youth and freshness in a market saturated by heavy embroidery and ethnic prettiness.

Nitin bal chauhan bhoot savar 2

Bhootsavaar encapsulated the darkness of Goths, the human skeletal form and the rebellious facial piercing with rocking Mohawks gave the Indian youth (predominantly living at home with family) an outlet to show their angst and energy.

Nitin bal chauhan bhoot savaar 3

The collection comprised both menswear and women’s fashion and showcased strong shoulders, skeletal motifs from ribs and spines to heads, layering and striking accessories.  Nitin was runner up for the first Vogue India fashion fund award and it’s easy to see why as he is a talented artist in addition to being a talented designer.

Nitin bal chauhan bhoot savaar 1

Nitin Bal Chauhan 1

The designer, Nitin Bal Chauhan

The show was sponsored by the internationally acclaimed LISSA School of Design and the students helped to create the collection and even model it!


One Comment to “The Indian Goth”

  1. What’s with the gimp masks?!? Is this stuff selling in India? The country always struck me as being super conservative when it comes to fashion…

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