One Of My Best Friends Is Gay!


The historian, Niall Ferguson, made a comment about the economist Keynes that quite frankly made him sound like a pompous prat! But he IS a pompous prat!  It’s such a pity that he fits the stereotype of up-his-own-arse academic but he does!

He said Keynes wouldn’t have cared much about the future as he was gay and didn’t have any children. Ha! What a wally! But historians have to do what they can to get noticed and nothing like a bit of homophobia to do the trick!

He quite rightly apologised and yawn, who cares?

Well, he’s now had to come out (hoho) and say, y’know, one of his best mates is gay. Jesus! Why do people do that???

It reminds me of my ex-friend Darren (read on for why ex-friend).  We were good friends, stayed at each other’s houses, went clubbing got drunk yada yada.  He recalled a story to me one night about walking through London and seeing two Asian couples arguing on the street and particularly noting that the girls were so aggressive, the boys began to punch each other and the girls joined in. He told me “… and I turned to my mate and said god, one of my best mates is Asian and she doesn’t act like that at all”. Sigh. Apparently, you can have an Asian friend and still be a racist prat and you have a homosexual friend and still be a homophobic prat.

I think Niall and Darren were not really being homophobic or racist but they WERE being insensitive and as life is short, and time precious, I would not choose to share my Twix with either of them.


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