toru hashimoto

Only yesterday, I was declaring Sepp Blatt to be a knobhead and within minutes we have a new knobhead of the day.

Today’s coveted award goes to Osaka mayor, Toru Hashimoto, who said that there is no proof that thousands of Korean women that were the sex slaves of Japanese soldiers in WWII were actually forced into prostitution. He prefers to call them “comfort women” providing a comforting service to men at war.

Well done mate! Wonder if your Japanese daughter/sister/mother would line up to comfort Korean soldiers (who incidentally, at the time were aka “the enemy”).

Like in the Goodness Gracious Me sketch…Mr Hashimoto, check please!


One Comment to “Foot-in-Mouth”

  1. What a twit. This blog post just reiterates to me how sexist and backward Japanese society can sometimes be. If a politician in Western Europe dared to say something like this, they’d be forced to resign and rightly so.

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