Jolie Good!


I never thought I’d ever be saying this, but well done Angelina Jolie, you are a superstar.

I thought you were just a beauty with patronising UN ambassador quotes about “African orphans” blah blah but wow!

Wow, indeed!

You decided not to risk breast and ovarian cancer by having a double mastectomy. It killed your mother when she was in her 50s and you don’t want to do that to your children.

And to write about it too – What a brave woman you are and actually, it is wonderful to know you are human.  And I’ve always thought Brad Pitt was seriously overrated as both “hunk” and “actor” but you say he was amazingly supportive of your decision and with you during surgery so he is not such a himbo, after all.  Best of luck to you both, you have surely allowed many women and men in the same position to make a more informed and less scary decision about their own futures in a more proactive way.


2 Comments to “Jolie Good!”

  1. What a super scary decision to make. She needed multiple operations, to remove the breasts first, and then reconstructive surgery. I can’t help thinking it would have been better to be tested for cancer every month through a blood test or other similar check than go to such an extreme…

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