Young British Victim of Indian Organ Harvesting


The parents of Gurkiren Loyal, an 8 year old British schoolgirl that died in a hospital in India whilst on a family holiday, alleged that their daughter was murdered by the hospital for her organs.

Gurkiren was taken into a local clinic for treatment of mild dehydration after complaining of a sore tummy.  Her heart broken parents allege that the little girl was receiving a drip when a staff member came up to her with an injection.  The parents asked what the injection was for but they were ignored and within minuted their daughter was dead. As if this wasn’t shocking enough, the parent were informed that a postmortem must be carried out before the body would be released during which time they removed all Gurkiren’s organs except her eyes.  The parents only discovered this upon the British coroner’s revelation.

The doctor that owns the clinic has since fled and is not returning calls. I didn’t know that India had a growing black market for organs but this story is as tragic as it is sick.  Justice for this family and for Gurkiren is a long way away but I truly hope the pressure from British MPs helps.


2 Comments to “Young British Victim of Indian Organ Harvesting”

  1. This story is truely horrible. If the problem is truely becoming endemic, then it is only by publicising it that these parents can ever get justice.

    Bubbly – I had a quick look online if there was already a petition to the Indian governmen to look into this, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Shall we start one?

    • Mysterious Pinkie thanks for your comment. In the link to the story above there is a reference to the family’s local MP. This MP does seem to be making an impact as I read about the story in my Indian newspaper first. You could try writing to the MP or the Indian High Commission in London as they do pass concerns on to India.

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