A Letter To The Independent

Squirrel sisters first

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, flow sister!!

I have a big sis and she is amazing and loads of fun and even acts like a big brother (why the F*** is that guy staring at you??!)!  She’s also a lawyer, something I mention to freaks around the world that I don’t want to do Bijness (business) with so they back off.

News of the Oxford child abuse ring is once again in the headlines as convictions are passed and the limelight once again falls on the Asian Community and in particular Muslims and Pakistanis.  It’s interesting as my sis and I discussed why it is that our white British friends aren’t asked to reflect on Christianity and feel guilty for child abuse and molestation by the likes of Jimmy Saville and everyone accused since.  We are meant to walk with our heads hung in shame and white Brits can Keep Calm and Carry On…abusing??

So today, my sis sent this letter to the Independent newspaper in response to a reader letter:

Dear Sirs

I am a Scottish Pakistani Muslim and now live in London.

Pakistan does not present  the world with immigrants from one all-binding culture, so why don’t some of your readers stop forcing one label on to all of us?  All  of my cousins are university educated and live with or are married to people they love, of all nationalities, colours and religions; like any other normal middle-class British family.  We are as far removed from those perverts from Oxford as you are from Jimmy Saville.  

Why should I reflect on “my community” and apologise for them?  They disgust me, when I read the accounts from their victims, I am sickened and I look at my nieces and I want to hug them and protect them from all evil men in this world.  My reaction is exactly the same as yours.

It irritates me when religious leaders apologise for those paedophiles.  They are not Muslims. Give me a break. Just because you are born into a family that stems from an Islamic country, that does not make you a Muslim. I suppose they feel compelled to quickly apologise and reflect on our community and all that nonsense to try to placate any backlash the Pakistani community will receive as a result of the heinous crimes committed by a few uneducated, backward, misogynist men whose parents happen to come from the same country as mine.

If you think that somehow “being from Pakistan” is related to the appalling actions of those men, then you are racist and you should deal with it.

I should be very grateful if you stop printing hateful letters from your readers that belong on the letters pages of The Daily Mail.

Yours etc…


2 Comments to “A Letter To The Independent”

  1. Well done to your sister!

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