Dear Diary


Not another one!!

Dear Diary

I’m in my 30s and single.  Yeah, I’m ‘looking for lurve’ but I’m not in the slightest desperate and I’m happy enjoying my life with my friends and family.

Recently, in Delhi,  I have been approached by so many married men, one married to a very dear friend of mine, that have tried to kiss me and one even propose to me! Despite being already married.  Another married man thought nothing of sharing his sick fantasy – he wanted another two children with me besides his others.  Not with me mate!

I started avoiding my friend’s house so as not to put myself in any situation with her husband and when I told her about my other proposals in general you’llneverbelivewhathappenedtome chit chat, besides the initial shock and bursts of laughter she asked me: what is it with you and married men??!!  I said I didn’t know and that I most certainly am not interested in THEM.

It did make me think of the power that some women wield over an entire family unit’s future.  I have a beautiful cousin in the US that waltzed into an older man’s life, one that was 25 years older, and changed it forever. He was married with adult children and then he and my cousin decided to get together.  He got a divorce and then married my cousin and they now have two lovely children.  Old family mentioned no more.

I think it’s infinitely better to get divorced rather than live in an awful and dull marriage and I personally at this point in my life feel it’s unrealistic to love one person foreverandeverandeverlikeafairytale.  I know some of these couples had arranged marriages and so on but that’s not my problem. They entered into them as adults, it’s 2013 and divorce is not such a taboo.  However, the men that have tried it on with me would never leave their wives for fear of losing half their empires.  They don’t want sex with their wife, not my problem.  They get bored waking up beside the same person, I don’t care.  Their wife doesn’t want to have sex with them, go and see a therapist. Good grief!!!

I’m doomed: another friend warned me off younger men saying they’ll only run off with my money (sexist tables turning?).  So that only leaves the men that are my age, youhoooo where are you???  Over here!!!


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