Knobhead of The Week

nick ross

This week”s nomination is for Nick Ross, a mister nobody that used to present Crimewatch on BBC1.  He has written a book on crime since a career presenting must be the same as clocking up degree hours in criminology.  The book is being serialised in the Sunday Mail, who reads that??

He has likened women who dress revealingly and getting raped to people getting their laptop stolen because they leave it visibly on display in a car.

Cheers Nick, that’s exactly the sort of thing we need in the papers in 2013.  And isn’t it a shame you can’t rape your wife any more?  You knobhead.


One Comment to “Knobhead of The Week”

  1. What a total idiot.

    Why the hell are the Sunday Mail publishing this?

    Are men so basic that they can’t resist their sexual urges if they see a bit of flesh?? Give me a break.

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