Campaigning Legends!

everyday sexsim project

Well done to the Everyday Sexism Project – what incredible women they are.

They have won their battle against Facebook for having pages that glorify and poke fun at “hilarious” topics like “Raping Your Girlfriend Just For Fun” and another one that shows women lying in pools of blood “failing to make a sandwich”.

At first, Facebook came back with free speech arguments and they wheeled out a silly cow woman to argue this point. Eh? We have all read the stats that young women 15-25 years old are the most likely to get a slap off their boyfriends and pages that appear on FB that make it “funny” will add to their trauma, of course it will.

The Everyday Sexism Project then hit Facebook where it hurt and targeted its advertisers. Facebook directs adverts at individuals rather than the page content, so imagine reputable companies like Nationwide’s horror when it was pointed out to them that they are paying big bucks to advertise alongside content like “kicking your girl in the fanny”.

The large corporations lined up to cancel their contracts with Facebook and hurrah, FB have released a statement that they are now reviewing their policy immediately and will be removing hate speech from their site.

In other good news, lads’ mags are suffering record low sales! hurrah! With their useful tips of throwing acid on your ex-girlfriend so no-one will want her, I cannot wait to read about their bankruptcies.


2 Comments to “Campaigning Legends!”

  1. I would like to see every person who liked on of these pages or photos singled out and ostracized. They should then be forced to go on a course which teaches them how to behave like normal human beings.

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