Uri Making It Up

uri geller spoon bnder

A new documentary that premiered at the Sheffield Doc/Fest unraveled the secret career of Uri Geller as an international psychic spy.  Spoon-bender extraordinaire Uri was allegedly recruited by the US and Israeli governments in a race with the Soviets in a psychic arms race. It sounds too silly to be true but the documentary maker apparently managed to make the hypothesis convincing and it includes interviews with government figures such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

After watching Uri on telly as children, my sister and I dutifully and forcibly bent some teaspoons when our psychic powers failed us. Each of us tried to convince the other that indeed it was our psychic superpowers, ha!  Feel how warm it is seeeeee…yes, it was warm as we were gross sweaty kids!

I don’t know why we human simpletons are so impressed by bending spoons, this ability was even featured in The Matrix despite the movie showing far superior tricks and powers. I think the governments that hired Uri did so in order to state the obvious truth as diplomats often have to skirt around issues.  An example is the psychic on board the Starship Enterprise, Deanna Troy.  After the Enterprise fires photon torpedoes at another spaceship Deanna often says things like: I sense they are feeling fear, Captain.

The documentary will be shown on the BBC later this year inspiring a whole new generation of children to go to the kitchen and destroy some spoons.  You have been warned: hide them.


One Comment to “Uri Making It Up”

  1. Haha!! I did that too, so true!

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