Holiday Health


The holiday season is upon us and since Britain’s Summer is a wipeout once again, more likely than not you’ll be boarding a flight to the sun.  We all know that flying long haul can cause deep vein thrombosis and that we should try to stay active.  However, I’m guilty of just sitting there ocassionally rolling my ankles and only reluctantly getting up to go to the loo (airplane loos stink and are so gross!).  Some clever cookies have adapted various yoga moves to suit the constricted space in a cabin and this not only helps blood circulation but also helps in reducing anxiety related to flying and aiding general well being.

This selection of yoga poses are from the CNN website but if you google it there are books available on Amazon etc.


Spinal twist benefits: helps unravel daily stresses, getting into all those knots and tight areas, helping to alleviate the strain and creates lightness.


Half forward bend benefit: this pose turns you inward, to a calm and quiet place. It strengthens your back muscles and lengthens your spine.

Whilst most of the poses are actionable some are clearly only for the wacky amongst us and rather impractical in a cabin.



I hadn’t thought of doing yoga in a plane but as I already do yoga daily I think I will certainly try it on my way to Delhi the next time!


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