Syria: Herewegoagain…urgh…and Whose Side Should We Be On?


The names and places change but the sad fact is that I am war fatigued and rather disillusioned and skeptical of Western governments justification of their desire to intervene in Syria.  No one listens to the general public and there is no alternative political party to vote for, only war-mongering ones. The Assad regime is no longer fashionable and Britain is on the side of the rebels.  Except the British government’s mouthpiece, the BBC, casually mentions towns that are captured by the rebels and the death toll of civilians at the hands of the rebels –  67 was the number of civilian deaths in ONE town in the last news report I listened to and they are meant to be the goodies!!

The old global political alliances seem to be reassuring us that nothing has changed in their mentality since the Cold War.  Britain is waiting for the US to give instructions, Russia and Iran are threatening opposite action, bad boy Israel is having a pre-emptive dabble while I watch and listen to unfolding events with a funny feeling in my tummy and sadness at the thought of the upheaval of normal families Syria.  Women are often violently and sexually assaulted as weapons of war and there are claims of women from refugee camps being sold to wealthy Arabs.  What is worse, to stay in Syria to be killed by either side in the war or to flee to a disease-ridden and sewage-filled refugee camp?  Sirin gas is Assad’s equivalent of Sadam Hussain’s WMD except there were initial reports that the gas was also in the hands of the rebels and that they were also using it.

Both the Assad regime and the rebels seem like they will be re-armed by the rest of the world it’s only a matter of when.  Is this a sick, live chess game?


3 Comments to “Syria: Herewegoagain…urgh…and Whose Side Should We Be On?”

  1. Hum food for though but it seems all the world’s powerhouse leaders are on heavy duty drugs…

    • We know that our elected leaders are normal before election to Prime Minister or President why do they go bonkers when they become powerful?

      • depends on your normal definition of normal….Do priest joined the church before becoming pedophiles or do they become pedophiles after ?…. all happens for a premeditated reasons….that is what I believe

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