Sweet Bird of Youth

sweet bird of youth

“Oh god” my friend gasped “what a tacky poster for a classic play, you can see his nipples for God’s sake”. He was referring to Sweet Bird of Youth by Tennessee Williams currently showing at the Old Vic.

The poster that so disgusted my well-heeled friend was of Kim Cattrall all glammed up in a 1950s feverish pose over a lovely naked man half her age.


I went to see the play this week with three girlfriends and all of us, yes ALL of us, couldn’t think of a better combination of seeing our favourite SATC gal and Ripped Torso Man getting it on in our favourite theatre. To make the night even more fun, Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens chose to have dinner next to us in the Waterloo Bar and Kitchen. We tried (and failed) not to look at her and whisper about how fab she was in Pride and Prejudice.

Enough name-dropping and back to the play! Wonderful! Kim Cattrall was divine and perfectly cast as the ageing Hollywood actress who is hiding out in a hotel with her gigolo because she thinks her latest film has flopped. Her gigolo takes her to a hotel in his home town where he wants to see his old flame and take her away (he himself is a failed actor and was picked by Cattrall’s character in a bar).

The play is Williams through and through. Full of despair, lost hope, crushed dreams and even a little political disgust. Certainly not for the faint-hearted!

We don’t like plot spoilers here but you know what you’re getting when you click BUY for a Williams’ masterpiece and it isn’t a gay old musical. There are several laugh-out-loud moments which belonged mainly to Cattrall who has comic delivery down to a fine art!

Enjoy while you can and bask in the glory of Queen Cattrall!


2 Comments to “Sweet Bird of Youth”

  1. Saw this the other week, even from the cheap under 25s seats, it really grabs you. Totally agree with you about it not being for the faint-hearted – lots of heavy stuff that’ll stay with you – but you’re right, Kim Cattrall delivers some killer lines that had the whole theatre laughing. I also think that the large white-washed set, and the lighting were beautifully done.

  2. I love Sweet Bird of Youth, but you’re right it’s not really a joyful night at the theatre.

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