The Amazing Sally Bollywood


If there are no little people in your family you won’t know about the amazing Sally Bollywood, a cartoon series that is a delight to watch!  There is a cracking soundtrack, wacky but believable kitsch interiors and excellent plots.

Sally has her own detective agency that she runs in her basement along with best pal and techie, Doowee and they get cases from their school friends and local area.  It’s lovely to see another culture normalised through cartoon imagery and to see a multi-cultural world that everyone seamlessly fits into.

sally-bollywood 4

There is an extended family in Sally’s house and granny wears a sari and calls Sally her little poppadom.  With huge gold earrings, eyeliner, bindi and Bollywood outfit Sally stands out a mile.  If you want to know what I’m going on about you can see some episodes on Youtube.

sally bollywood 3

A French-Australian production, the series has been translated into other languages and seems to be doing well internationally.  Bravo to the production company and the networks carrying it.  The more I watch, the more delighted I am with the sheer diversity of characters and attention to cultural detail.

sally bollywood 2

Wishing you a long life, Sally Bollywood!!


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