Only 8 Pairs of Shoes?

ferragamo red patent sandals

Salvatore Ferragamo red patent kitten heels from

Actress (or actor?) Emma Watson revealed that she only has eight pairs of shoes.  I don’t believe her at all, I don’t know ANY woman in my entire extended circle of friends and family even ten times removed who only have eight pairs of shoes.

Her statement led to the inevitable glut of fashion editors declaring the only eight pairs of shoes that any woman may ever need.  Some of the lists include Geography teacher (aka Jesus) leather sandals and trainers.  I own neither.  A little known fact about me is that I haven’t owned a pair of trainers since I left high school.  I bought a pair when I was about 22 but I never used them at all.  If I was to confine myself to eight pairs then I would have two extra pairs to indulge in!

Shoes for me are like catnip. I go crazy over them and that’s an understatement.  I have boxes and boxes and sometimes I succumb to the silliest, most impractical, daftest shoes in the whole wide world.  Example?  Quite a few Winter’s back I bought a pair of WHITE sheepskin knee high boots that I only wore indoors as I was terrified of them getting dirty.  I then moved to Italy and took them with me, however, they remained in their box once again as there was too much dog poo on the streets.  They are just so beautiful though, I can’t chuck them!  But of course it is too hot and silly to wear them indoors.

Which eight shoes should we all have? I don’t know but this list is my suggestion (bearing in mind I’m a fashion designer), please add yours!

1. Gold sandals, any metallics really.  They’re a lot more versatile than you think.

gina silver sandals

Silver Anabell Patent Heels by Gina, £585

2. Ballet pumps in black, tan, nude and red.

red bow flats hobbs

Red bow ballerinas from Hobbs only £44 in the sale!

3. Court shoes in black (preferably patent) and red.

4. Peep toes both high heels and flat.

charlotte olympia peep toes

Charlotte Olympia suede applique peeptoes £890 available on

5. Loafers, suede.

Jones the Bootmaker Gilberte Loafers

Suede loafers by Jones the Bootmaker £59 in the sale.

6. Black evening sandals.

7. Wellies, Hunter of course.

8. Flat or kitten heel sandals, a little practicality for holiday/ the underground isn’t so bad.

silver flats hobbs

Silver flats by Hobbs £62

9. Knee high boots

Jones the Bootmaker Petrona S Knee Length Boots

Jones the Bootmaker knee high boots £149

10. Slingbacks, both high and flat.

christian louboutin manovra slingbacks flat

Flat slingbacks by Christian Louboutin, £545 available at


P.S. The female actor bit at the start of the article is due to an interview I once watched on TV of Indian superstar Shabana Azmi who got very cross with the presenter for calling her an actress.  She said somewhat exasperated, that if we wouldn’t call a female doctor a doctress why did we call female actors an actress?  Shabs if you’re reading…don’t be cross.

2 Comments to “Only 8 Pairs of Shoes?”

  1. Does Emma Watson mean that she’s only ever bought eight pairs of shoes? I can believe that, but she must get loads of freebies being on the red carpet so much.

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