V is for Versace

Atelier versace

Atelier Versace opened Paris Couture Week and it oozed a naughty sexiness seldom seen in couture.  Gianni Versace gave us That Dress (and Elizabeth Hurley fame) and now his sister gives us the next stage and only those with perfect bodies need step forward.

Pandering to our inner rock star and confident flirt, the collection teased with crystal hook and eye fastenings contouring every curve of the body and left open to expose what lies beneath.  Versace has always had a strong look and it’s a brand that I have loved since I was a teenager flicking through my first Vogue magazines. Who wouldn’t be struck by the sheer indulgence and glamour of Gianni’s magic?

Atelier versace 2

Atelier versace 3

Atelier versace 4

Atelier versace 5

Atelier versace 6

Over the past few years, Donatella has become increasingly confident in designs that stay true to original designs whilst retaining her own spirit. This being a couture show, the hand crafted indulgence on display, from hand woven leather to knitted mink and sequined lace, showed us how couture can be relevant to today’s consumer (albeit one with a gold American Express card).

Age-defying original supermodel, Naomi Campbell opened and closed the show proving again and again her famous one liner: Black don’t crack. Gorgeous!


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