77 Year Drought Ended!

andy murray

Wowwwww, Murray the Champ and I was there! I won £250 and got a pea-sized photo of Andy with his trophy (damn my rubbish phone!!)

What a fabulous day it was.  We drank champagne, ate bland sandwiches for £10 and we burned and burned in the searing heat. But it was all worth it because Andy Murray (surely Sir Andy?) won Wimbledon and ended a long stint of failed attempts ensuring the Brits Pack are back on form!

And to top it off I was sitting next to a Scottish family who seemed quite happy to go for ice creams for all of us at the end of each set, could Sunday have gotten any better?

I have missed having the Olympics to look forward to this Summer so this was just magic or in Scots chat: Pure dead brilliant!


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