Charles Saatchi: The Hole Gets Deeper

saatchi nigella lawson

My favourite TV chef  Nigella Lawson has remained silent in the four weeks since those now infamous paparazzi photos of her husband Charles Saatchi ‘grasping’ her neck, pinching her nose and covering her mouth.  Charles Saatchi has now announced through a Sunday newspaper that he is filing for divorce as Nigella has not come out to publicly defend his actions.

It is rather odd that we’ve been given such a deeply personal glimpse into the relationship of a celebrity couple – each very high profile in their own right.  Is Nigella’s silence empowering or victimising?  Charles still seems to be running his own show and whilst public empathy seems decidedly with Nigella, will anything change for him? I doubt he will be shunned by society just as Roman Polanski continues to be living a relatively high profile and normal life despite the sex abuse allegations against him and Julian Assange maintains his status not as an alleged sex abuser but an advocate of free speech.

Abused women, no matter how small or grave the crime, appear to be collateral damage: one is a tragedy, millions are just statistics.


2 Comments to “Charles Saatchi: The Hole Gets Deeper”

  1. What has she to gain by speaking out? Some poeple don’t like washing their dirty linen in public… and the possible negative press may be deemed too much of a risk to her otherwise skeaky clean image. No one wants to buy cook books from a battered housewife.

  2. And he’s divorced her by a front page in a Sunday newspaper. What a loser. Apparently Nigella didn’t even know about it and was hoping to speak to him when she got back from a promotions tour in america.

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