Waterloo Bar & Kitchen

waterloo bar kitchen london

It’s sunny in London and that means the evenings really do begin at 5!

If you are catching a play south of the river, heading to the BFI or find yourself generally milling around Waterloo then please may I recommend this slightly pricey but fabulous restaurant: the Waterloo Bar & Kitchen, it’s next to the Old Vic and is divine.

The menu is constantly updated (modern French/English), the food delicious and the staff are happy. Perfect! The doors will be opened when it’s sunny to give you that holiday vibe and bellinis are served for a very reasonable £8.

I have never had a disappointing meal here and recommend anything and everything with fish in the title. Portion sizes are spot on. Not so teeny that you feel ripped off, not so massive that it looks like slop. You will often see people from the Old Vic, Kevin Spacey is a regular so that confirms it, it must be good.



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