Chipped Nails For Privacy

Triumph_Adler typewriter

The Guardian reported today that the Russian government has placed a new order for typewriters for its top secret correspondence.  Russia’s Federal Guard Service has sighted electronic data security concerns and believes that old fashioned pen and paper etc is the best way to stop spying.

Although ridiculed and being called old fashioned, it is an almost fool proof way of guaranteeing privacy and secrecy for those most concerned with it.  In an older post I already hailed the low tech genius that is paper and the British Library’s decision that acid-free paper is the best way to archive our history.

My life isn’t so exciting that I should go back to typewriters to preserve top secret information, although I do love them as interior decorating objects.  The bric-a-brac shops in Notting Hill have plenty if you don’t already have one in your loft or garage.


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