Halal And Kosher Meat Available Here


My mother is mortified that I’ve been a veggie since about 2006. She has only just recently accepted that chicken is still meat.  I told her once that even if I did ever eat meat again (yuck) I would not touch halal meat because I find the procedure cruel and inhumane. Yes, personification of an animal but can you truly say an animal does not feel distressed when she knows she is bleeding to death?

Jews and Muslims slaughter their animals by way of a slit to the throat and allow the animal to bleed to death. The animal knows she is dying and suffers more, obviously, when the cut is not clean through the throat.

Enter Poland which is leading the way for animal welfare having banned this procedure. Animals must now be stunned before having their throats slit in this manner. Poland’s chief rabbi has gone nuts of course, claiming this is a hark back to the neo-Nazi days. Unfortunately for him, the whole debate in Poland has been ran by animal welfare groups.

I do have some sympathy for the rabbi, Poland’s track record for its treatment of Jews is hardly clean and yes, there is a strong neo-Nazi movement rekindled in Poland.

The number of Jews (and Muslims) in Poland is very low, however, and the real reason driving this is that Poland is apparently becoming some European hub where meat is being ritually slaughtered and exported. It is this industry that is being addressed and I believe it to be genuine.

And finally, can anyone please explain to me why an animal can’t be stunned before she is slaughtered? How can the Torah or Koran have banned this procedure when it didn’t exist?

Well done Poland!


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