City of Dreams: Couture Fashion Comes to Delhi

India couture week

Potentially visible from space, in a few days time Delhi will overflow with glamour, sparkles and celebrities as two couture weeks begin back to back.  Indian couture is synonymous with bridal wear except this season India Bridal Fashion Week will showcase before PCJ Delhi Couture Week (PCJ is a jewellery company and the main sponsor).

One of the reigning kings of Indian couture, JJ Valaya, will open India Bridal Fashion Week as it makes its debut in Delhi having become firmly established as part of the Mumbai fashion calendar. JJ is a classic couturier and a favourite of Indian royalty.  He believes India is one of the few places in the world where couture is created and cherished.  For the bride who really wants to indulge JJ Valaya also designs entire weddings complete with all the opulence one could imagine for that magazine-shoot-setting.

Bollywood Actress Kangna Ranaut (L) pres

At PCJ Delhi Couture Week the Satya Paul show will be a focus as it has been sponsored by PCJ.  Described as a demi-couture collection (half custom made) this will be the Satya Paul brand’s soft launch into the couture spotlight. I love a printed Satya Paul saree and we have been promised the same in the upcoming presentation which I hope will stay true to the Satya Paul fingerprint.  The Satya Paul prêt collection earlier this year under their new creative director fell a little flat for me so fingers crossed this time.

Indian couture is usually an exploration if the rich and diverse heritage craft skills.  The danger is often times that one becomes saturated by beautiful embroidery; bridal wear especially relies on classic cuts and conservative attire.  Does it matter which designer participates in either fashion week? Probably not as there are Indian heavyweights in each and Bollywood stardust will undoubtedly fall on both.

Indian Bridal Fashion Week (23 – 28 July)

PCJ Delhi Couture Week (31 – 4 Aug)

Air kisses…


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