White Teeth

white teethYours, not Zadie Smith’s…. I’ve become mildly obsessed with teeth whitening these days.  This is possibly due to it being Summer and my desire to wear the new peach and pink lippies and my belief that these shades look best paired with white teeth, however, I am generally obsessed with white teeth.

Americans are often appalled by British teeth and we Brits roll our eyes at the American preference for an identikit Hollywood Smile.  On the other side of the globe, I in turn shudder at the betel stained and corroded teeth of Indians I encounter both young and old.  Some traditions need to be dropped and I believe paan chewing should be one although I think our Indian readers might strongly object!

Boots currently have a 50% sale on the fabulous (and fabulously expensive) Philips Sonic electric toothbrush range which manage to make teeth noticeably whiter.

In the name of research I decided to try Brilliant, a teeth whitening kit available at Superdrug for £5.59 for a one week treatment and it really works.  We are often advised not to use these generic kits as custom made moulds are far better. I’ve no doubt they are but they a custom made product is rarely low cost, I think they start from £300 and with the industrial amounts of tea I drink… it’s simply not worth it.  Boots also have various whitening kits that seem good.


Put those stained teeth away!

I’m also a huge fan of Arm & Hammer baking soda whitening toothpastes.  They used to make me feel sick when I was younger but age has its benefits!  I would, however, point out that I think whitening toothpastes should be used after a regular toothpaste such as Colgate Total as whitening toothpastes don’t have the beneficial properties such as cavity protection yada yada.

arm and hammer teetch whitening toothpaste

Do you have any products you can recommend? The more the merrier!!


One Comment to “White Teeth”

  1. I know this is nuts but I live in London and anything goes here.. I’ve started to drink red wine through a straw! Look around you, loads of white teethed beauties are doing the same!

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