JJ Valaya, The Maharaja of Madrid

JJ Valaya 7

The Maharaja of Indian couture, JJ Valaya’s opening show for AAmby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week was as spectacular as to be expected from a designer who spares no expense in executing his vision.

JJ’s previous couture collection was inspired by his visits to Turkey resulting in an exquisite fusion of silk route couture.  The Arab empire ruled in Spain for over 700 years before it was overthrown, however, they left behind stunning architecture, arts and heritage that provides ample inspiration for today’s artistes.  JJ Valaya’s caravan of inspiration thus finds a natural resting stop in Spain and Spanish craft whilst designing a collection firmly rooted in majestic Indian sensibilities.

JJ Valaya 1

JJ Valaya 2

JJ Valaya is a name synonymous with bridal wear and indeed dressing entire families for these happy occasions.  Ivory tones inspired by Spanish lace in the opening segment gave way to the rich hues of India: emerald, aubergine, red, turquoise and burgundy.  Minimalism is a word that might not be in JJ’s design dictionary and for those of us not looking for bridal wear the designs can come across as theatrical and out of touch with reality.  However, minimalism has also been called the enemy of hand craft and couture has always celebrated craft, fantasy and dreams.  For JJ, this must be capturing the dream outfits for a bride or groom-to-be.

JJ Valaya 8

JJ Valaya 12

JJ Valaya Accessories

Chic styling of accessories at JJ Valaya’s show.


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