London From The Shard

the shard london
So! I went up The Shard and what a fab view (surprise surprise). It was my friend’s birthday and she wanted to do something special/touristy and so 8 of us trekked over to London Bridge tube to see The Shard.
I have always wanted to go ever since it was being built but trust me, you have no idea how much fun it is to work out where you live from 72 floors up. It is a great experience and I recommend it, particularly fab if you have a friend with you that has some understanding of basic compass points.
I particularly loved seeing the majestic St Paul’s still ruling the cityscape despite being the old kid on the block. Also loved seeing the Walkie Talkie building up close, if you haven’t heard yet, it’s the one that is glass faced and reflecting the sun onto parked cars and burning their paintwork haha! Architect fail! Apparently a local cafe fried an egg in the heat coming off the building – eek!
I loved it, you’ll love, do it!

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