From Scotland With Love


Loads of my friends in London have never been further north than Manchester.  Scotland? Why go there when you can fly somewhere warm for the same price?  I understand that point, however, home is where the heart is and mine is firmly in Scotland.

I live in London and Delhi too and I love the difference in climate, culture and things to do.  A rather compact country, Scotland is best driven.  A couple of weekends ago I went into the highlands near Balmoral for a wedding and the drive was stunning.  The west of Scotland is certainly attractive by train too (remember the Harry Potter viaduct scene?) but I enjoy the convenience of having a car to hand.  Even sleepy villages here have amazing sea food and cafes although last orders at 9pm is a reminder that you’re in the countryside!

Glenfinnan Railway Viaduct, Scotland-816838

My friends that are into photography told me that Scotland is naturally very photogenic and the light quality is excellent.  If I can manage amazing photos with my phone imagine what you talented lot can capture?

As a child I really took Scotland’s beauty for granted but as an adult I can choose to enjoy it in style!


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