The New Beauty


Not just about makeup, British actor Thandie Newton and her friend Kay Montano, a makeup artist, have just launched a new website celebrating beauty in its diversity.  ThandieKay covers makeup tutorials and interviews with amazingly talented women in the same friendly, chatty tone.  Lilac eyes? Yes please!

It’s a timely launch of a beauty website that shows skin tones reflecting the diversity of society.  Recently supermodels Naomi Campbell and Iman have been particularly vociferous in their objection to the increasing racism in the fashion industry.  The racism isn’t aggressive or obvious – that type of racism is easier to deal with, quantify and object to.  Silent and discreet racism is more powerful and damaging as it makes us believe that we are equal, that skin colour doesn’t matter and that racism is in our heads and we are making a fuss and showing a race card when in fact we are simply not talented or able enough for a contract or position.

In fact, readers may remember that this was one of the reasons Bunty and I started the Chatterjis Blog in the first place.  We are two British women of South Asian origin who simply wanted a voice in politics, current affairs, fashion and anything else except our demographic and our opinion is invisible unless it’s a story about arranged marriages or Bollywood.

I’m sure that ThandieKay will become a go-to website for women looking for beauty in all its guises.


3 Comments to “The New Beauty”

  1. Wow good on them! I’m going to check it out thanks.

  2. I just checked out the site and I really like it. The articles are short and snappy too so it’s good for a quick pick me up while at work.

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