Dream A Little Dream


On a good night we might get eight hours sleep a night.  Whatever your pattern, we spend an awful lot of time sleeping and dreaming, however, little undisputed knowledge exists about dreams.  Not all of us have regular dreams although I’d be willing to bet that none of us have escaped the dreaded pre-exam anxiety dream.

Do you dream? Do they convey messages? Do you take them seriously?  Some of my family seem to receive messages in their dreams and visitations from elders who have passed away.  In one such dream my grandfather told my mother that he thought her brother was angry with him and was avoiding him.  When my mother told my uncle of her dream he informed her that he had not visited their father’s grave since his death but that he was not angry or upset with their father.

Hardly an epic dream that could avoid or initiate wars as in Ancient Greece or Rome nevertheless a true story from my little family!

BBC Radio 4 (NOT a radio station for dead people!!) has started a wonderful new series of 15 minute programmes every day this week covering dreams called Our Dreams: Our Selves.  I’ve been catching it on iPlayer as it’s on at a really odd time during the day.  They have restricted themselves to scouring the earliest Western literature to present day understanding on the subject.

Be sure to listen to it and save yourself a fiver paying some old hag to interpret your dreams for you…stereotype or what??


3 Responses to “Dream A Little Dream”

  1. My family is full of stories where people have had dreams that actually seem to be premonitions. Being a semi-atheist, I used to make fun of it, but the older I get, the more I get a chill down my spine when I hear one of these dreams and then later it comes to be true. Maybe it’s our subconcious telling us to wake up and see the reality about something we’ve been worried about deep down, I’m not sure. But if I wake up and remember the dream I just had, I don’t ignore it anymore. At the very least I see it as a another outlet for our body to tell us if there is something wrong, be that regarding your own health or the health of others.


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