nissin-japan1 instant noodles

The things I learn when I’m on the move!  Today I learned that there is a World Instant Noodle Association (WINA), can you believe it?  I’ve never been a fan of Pot Noodles although Supa Noodles were at the back of my cupboard in my halls of residence …long past the expiry date.

Instant ramen noodles were first invented by a Japanese man in 1958 who experimented on creating a low cost dish after seeing starving war veterans.  Many decades later WINA is promoting the use of noodles in world disaster relief as one serving can pack in 400 calories and cost pennies to produce.

maggi noodles

In India Maggi noodles are by far the leading instant noodle brand and they’re quite tasty if one is ill or nursing a friend back to health from Delhi belly (the voice of experience but do add some fresh veg).  What doesn’t taste so good is the knowledge that Maggi is owned by Nestle one of the Great Demons of the multinational corporations.  Maggi noodles are often the first taste of ‘western’ food that children and adults try, particularly those from lower income backgrounds, they even have recipe suggestions on the packaging!

For me, the worst thing about Instant noodles is the E number filled flavouring.  Often I ditch the powder sachet and add my own chilli flakes and curry powder etc the noodles are perfectly fine.

Mmmmm are you in the mood for noodles now??



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