The Sound of Cinema


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. the opening lines of one of my favourite movies of all time, Star Wars.  The majestic musical score written for the Star Wars movies has been voted the UK’s favourite soundtrack as voted for across all BBC Radio listeners.

Instantly recognisable from the first notes, this epic classical score was written by British composer, John Williams for a movie that was anything but classic.  Released in 1977, Star Wars was a groundbreaking story with groundbreaking cinematography and a cast of new unknown actors (LOVE Harrison Ford) and it made cinematic history.  It’s a movie that has played throughout my childhood and I’ve loved watching it and re-watching it until the writing rubbed off my VHS copy!  Of course I have the box set now but I still look forward to seeing it on TV around Christmas.  Nerd or what??

As a true fan of Star Wars I utterly despise the newer episodes made with a wooden dialogue, graphics that looked worse than the old, low-tech versions and a worse plot than a newspaper cartoon strip.  Natalie Portman, you are one of my girl crushes but it was terrible.

Runners up in the BBC poll included West Side Story…Mariaaaaaaaaa…!

Love it.



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