Day 1: Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week SS14

Anupamaa Dayal 2

WIFW Designer: Anupamaa

International Urban Nomads

Internationally acclaimed fashion designer, Anupama Dayaal kicked off Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer14 with an explosion of colour and bold prints.  Some collections could be viewed as transcending seasons, however, Anupamaa’s screamed SUNSHINE.  Bright pinks, orange and yellow tones worn with tousled hair and beach foot accessories completed the looks.

Anupamaa Dayal 1

WIFW Designer: Anupamaa

Anupamaa Dayal 3

WIFW Designer: Anupamaa

Anupamaa claims to utilise a secret ancient printing process on her textiles…whatever that may be it seems to work.

A Classic Fitzgerald Girl

Masaba 1

WIFW designer: Masaba

Designer Masaba shared the opening slot beginning with young Bollywood actress, Alia Bhatt wearing the first look.

Masaba 2

WIFW designer: Masaba

The reference points of classic literature, hem lengths and the 1920s and traditional golden zari embroidery resulted in a somewhat incoherent message for me.  The colour palette of black & white was in tune with some international collections such as Ralph Lauren, however, Masaba’s collection included washed pink and ice blue.

Masaba 3

WIFW designer: Masaba

Masaba 4

WIFW designer: Masaba

Top Knots & Embellished Necklines

The Annaikka collection by punk-style designer, Kanika Saluja was the first live streamed show in Wills India Fashion Week and you can see the entire collection here on YouTube:

Annaikka 1

WIFW designer: Annaikka

Annaikka 2

WIFW designer: Annaikka

Annaikka 3

WIFW designer: Annaikka

Annaikka 4

WIFW designer: Annaikka

Annaikka 5

WIFW designer: Annaikka


The focus of the collection was on high necks with embellished yokes and edgy finishes.  Swinging chains and other hardware packed a punch in the otherwise feminine designs.  Colours varied from pale pistachio to bronze, inky tones and corals.

Designing for Harmony

Urvashi Kaur 1

WIFW designer: Urvashi Kaur

Inspired by Sufism and Rumi, one of the great Sufi poets (and a personal favourite of mine) Urvashi Kaur’s collection aimed to capture the harmony of nature and all the elements.  The designer used an organic and restrained palette of colors encompassing natural dyes like indigo, reds, greys, ochre, and ecru.

Urvashi Kaur 2

WIFW designer: Urvashi Kaur

Paris-trained designer, Urvashi is skilled with layering and the use of organic textiles.  My favourite look from this collection was a simple pleated dress that looked like it would fit right into Summer in the city:

Urvashi Kaur 3

WIFW designer: Urvashi Kaur



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