Fasting: For Him Not Her

Kareena Kapoor karwa chauth

Kareena Kapoor made news in India today as she declared that she will not be starving herself tomorrow in order to prove her love to her husband, Saif Ali Khan.  What’s so special about tomorrow you ask? Well…tomorrow is Karwa Chauth – a one day festival whereby women fast from sunrise until sighting of the full moon (through a flour sieve…) of that same evening and it’s all to ensure the safety and long life of their husbands. Some women also include their sons in this ritual.

Religion is funny business if you ask me and every religion seems to have their few eccentric laws/traditions/customs that remind women they are worthless, half human nothings.  In Islam it is the ‘women are worth half a male witness account’ crap and in Hinduism and apparently Sikhism it is Karwa Chauth.

Some ‘modern’ men fast for their wives but whatever.  Still, at least it’s not a fast in the Muslim sense which is hardcore.  A Hindu fast includes tea, water and fruit.

I say well done Kareena.  Blue moons are more frequent than me being impressed by a Bollywood celebrity, however, on this occasion I am glad that such a high profile person isn’t following an outdated tradition.  Perhaps it’s less controversial as she married a Muslim??



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