Candies For Grown Ups!

sunglasses icon 1

Whilst not quite recovered from the fashion-frenzied hangover from all next season’s shows the flash bulbs went off once more across town for the launch of Sunglass Icon in Delhi’s luxury Emporio Mall.

sunglasses icon 2

Baroque and gold leaf detail in the D & G range

Sunglass Icon is the posher big sister of Sunglass Hut…Ray Bans are the cheapest sunnies on offer in the product range.  With Brit Bad Girl Jade Jagger splashed over the front and advertisements sporting baroque D & G sunglasses the launch was certainly eye-catching.

I arrived at the event with fellow blogger, Nupur Dayal of Indian style blog Joos.  We became friends as our butt cheeks squeezed together at the crowded Delhi shows.  With tangible excitement we entered Sunglass Icon and didn’t know where to begin.  A candy store for the eyes there was hardly a pair we didn’t try on and squeel with delight at.

sunglasses icon 5

Nups (left) in Miu Miu, Bubbly (right) in Versace

sunglasses icon 6

Both of us in D&G

sunglasses icon 7

Bubbly in Tory Burch, Nups in Miu Miu

sunglasses icon 8

Nups in Prada

The range of brands all in one store is wonderful.  The only other places you’ll find such a huge concentration of excellent sunglasses in such a compact space are airports and Selfridges.  Tiffany & Co, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Miu Miu, Prada, D & G, Armani…all glistening in the spot lights screaming PICK ME!

sunglasses icon 9 delhi style blog

Anchal from Delhi Style Blog

sunglasses icon cocoqueen blogger 2

Sunglasses Icon PR (left) and blogger Ms CocoQueen (right) in Ray Ban

The prices seem on par with international prices (this is worth noting as Indian luxury tax can be as high as 60%!): Tory Burch from Rs7,000…Versace from Rs13,000…Ralph Lauren from Rs 8,000…D & G from Rs 22,700 and Miu Miu from Rs 17,500.


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