Ornamental Adornments

Pankaj Nidhi 2

WIFW Pankaj & Nidhi SS14

Intricate adornments from Pompeii all the way to Medieval church facades…Indian designer duo, Panjak & Nidhi seemed to thoroughly enjoy researching the inspiration behind their Spring/Summer 2014 collection.  Hand cut fabrics appliqued to give a 3D effect and transparency were key looks.

Pankaj Nidhi 3

WIFW Pankaj & Nidhi SS14

Pankaj Nidhi 5

WIFW Pankaj & Nidhi SS14

Pankaj Nidhi 6

WIFW Pankaj & Nidhi SS14

The white on white embroideries were structured and like pieces of art with patterns changing depending on the placement.  With so much transparency, the designers were asked in the press briefing how that would translate to the real world…the response was that they wold add lining…I hope not it would spoil the illusion and all their hard work.

Pankaj Nidhi 4

WIFW Pankaj & Nidhi SS14



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