No Woman, No Drive

You must have heard of this great twist on the Bob Marley classic released to take the piss out of the no driving rule for chicks in Saudi Arabia.
Let’s not talk about the driving ban, I’m likely to spontaneously combust, but how fab that finally SOME Saudi women seem to be waking up and protesting and not only that but young Saudi men are joining in.
The song’s on youtube and worth a click, it’s not going to have you rolling around LOL-ing so don’t think “eh??” but it’s pretty good and worth the hit if only to give Saudi Arabia the youtube flick of the fingers by making this song a hit.
saudi woman driver
Now girls, please be careful when you do drive won’t you? Remember to look after your ovaries as a mullah from SA doubts your ability to conceive if women drive cars. Jesus, I wish someone had told me that before I wasted money on condoms!!

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