Are we cool? We go to Hakkasan, Mayfair for dinner and cocktails. Or are we stuck in the noughties? We used to go there when we were young and crazy, we would drink cosmos, giggle with strangers and go on to a club.
We went on Saturday – do people still go to Hakkasan? Apparently, yes. It is packed out but hang on a minute, where’s the pretty crowd that we (hope) were part of? Now it’s filled with couples and we are the only group of women.
Women in red dresses meet and greet us at the door. They look fabulous but it is a little seedy and dark. We order too many starters, thank you lady waitress thing for telling us in advance. RI ordered silver cod in champagne sauce for a main, slurp slurp yummy but it went cold super quick and I was eating cold cod by the third mouthful. My friend’s spicy prawns were gross and chewy yuck so she shared mine. Everyone else dived into meaty dishes so I couldn’t taste.
After dinner at the bar was fun – ex-KGB guys swim around us acting rich and one of them takes a photo of my friend that looks like Amy Winehouse and we warn them not to eat any sushi in Itsu. They are harmless and leave us to enjoy our drinks (except one creep that looks like the captain in Das Boot, eek he didn’t blink very much).
It’s a good night but nothing to do with the food… I’ve had better fish in Loch Fyne that was a quarter of the price. The cocktails were good but why would you sit in a dated restaurant drinking cocktails?
Two words: don’t bother.

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