Party Like It’s 1930s Shanghai

1930s shanghai indiana jones
Oh dear lord, if there was ever a party that I simply must attend it is a 1930s Shanghai party in London.
The events are organised by the Nudge and UFF Tea Merchants. The theme is as described and my friends and I have added a sub line of “Go Large or Go Home” .. we shall be glittering in crystals, jewelled turbans, elbow gloves, velvet, red lipstick – more is more, as they say!
The parties are running from now until Christmas – how long has it been since you really dressed up?  In a gown? You turn up early in London Bridge and are served tea by one of the oldest tea merchants in the world and then are taken to a private Shangahi residence to party the night away sipping cocktails and strutting your funky stuff to hot jazz of the 30s.
Oh yes, I will enjoy!
P.S. If you want to book tickets you have to sit to the end of the film then the booking form comes up…sack the marketing person please.

4 Comments to “Party Like It’s 1930s Shanghai”

  1. I want to go too…

  2. Did you go? I was wondering how this was if so?

  3. I did indeed go and it was fab. Everyone dressed up, there was a live band and wonderful cocktails. Look out for their future events!

  4. I went to this last December and is was AMAZING!

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