Home by Toni Morrison

home toni morrison

Like many bloggers, I am a closet novelist. Ah yes, that theory that we all have within us one great story. I can write! I am interesting! Funny, dramatic, sensational. First I will win the Costa book awards and then Booker to prove I’m not winning just because I am of the gentler sex (ha!)

Then, I read something by Toni Morrison and my god, will she metaphorically dedicatedly superliciously crap all over that fantasy.Her writing is so immense, it is just a pleasure to read. English is sometimes a difficult language to become poetic in (compared to say, Farsi, Urdu, French) but she manages it beautifully.


Home is a wonderful novel. It is readable in 2-3 days so if you have a small commute it’s worth picking up.

We follow a North Korean vet travelling home to save his dying sister. God, that’s not much of a description but it is the basic story. Morrison teases us with her narrative, her descriptions are divine and she makes us love a despicable man.

Very recommended, however if you’re new to Morrison, try the Bluest Eye first and get the Kleenex out for that one!


One Comment to “Home by Toni Morrison”

  1. I normally love Toni Morrison books, but I have to say this one, Home, is my least favourite. I feel like it was written in a rush compared to her other books.
    Others I often don’t understand her cultural contexts and then gave to spend time on the Internet researching what the hell she’s on about. Despite this, she is still my favourite author.

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