#Notbuyingit: The App

Notbuyingit app

My sis sent me the link to a news story covering a free app whereby people can start mini campaigns or vent their anger at companies or products that promote or condone sexism and/or misogyny.

I downloaded the app this evening and I like it but I wish it had more functionality.  It is quite straightforward to use, users upload images of things they are annoyed with or campaignin against and others users can ‘like’ what they uploaded. I find this confusing as you are liking a sexist ad or product in order to show you don’t like it.

Also, I am a feminist and I will stand up and say it out loud at any given opportunity (like now!), however, I am not a man hater.  A user uploaded an article about the end of men and about how men will become extinct as they are useless etc.  I find stories such as that childish and I would like to dislike the post, however, the only option is to ignore it.  Feminism isn’t to think women are better than men, only that women and men should be treated equally.  I’m sure we could all point to useless men and women we know.


One Comment to “#Notbuyingit: The App”

  1. Fab post – and agreed. I love men. But don’t feel inferior

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