The Penultimate Truth

The Penultimate Truth Philip K Dick

Science fiction writer Philip K. Dick had a visionary imagination far beyond his generation.  If  Sci-Fi isn’t a genre you’re interested in The Penultimate Truth might be a good book to dip your toe into.

I am a card carrying Sci-Fi fan (you’d never guess looking at me!) as I feel it opens up a parallel universe for the human imagination to explore and wonder, frequently laying the foundation to inspire scientists or technology experts to catch up.  Published in 1964, Philip K. Dick imagined computer ability eerily similar to what we have presently and what developments might be on their way.   Many Hollywood movies have been inspired by Philip K. Dick’s books Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report including, in my opinion, Oblivion.

A fascinating read on authoritarianism, the Cold War and human manipulation and the power of TV and film, I hope this version of the future doesn’t come true.


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