Letters From a Prince

Prince Charles

Earlier this week the Guardian newspaper won a nine year court battle with the UK government in order to see letters sent by Prince Charles to UK ministers under the Freedom of Information Act.

The letters apparently show evidence of the prince lobbying senior government ministers to change policies that he is unhappy with.  Although the British government has been blocking access, this excerpt of the article and statement from the Attorney General (Dominic Grieve) gives us a massive hint of what the letters will reveal and how much they will damage the prince’s reputation:

Grieve had said that a cornerstone of the British constitution was that the monarch could not be seen to be favouring one political party over another. But he had said that any perception that Charles had disagreed with Tony Blair’s government “would be seriously damaging to his role as future monarch because, if he forfeits his position of political neutrality as heir to the throne, he cannot easily recover it when he is king”.

Well that sounds news worthy to me.


One Comment to “Letters From a Prince”

  1. How did I miss this story! It really winds me up, it is not enough for them to be born with privilege and pomp.

    It was no secret that they hated the Blair government, whereas Cameron (royalty ex slave owner family) invites the Queen to Chequers.

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