Flying Fears

malaysian airlines

The continued anguish over the missing Malaysian flight is just awful. I flew to Delhi the day after the plane was first reported missing, who would have thought a week later that the search to locate it would still be on?

I never used to be nervous about flying but I increasingly find myself feeling anxious.  I know it is illogical and it makes no sense but the more I fly the more stressed out I become.  Friends reassure me that flying is still the safest mode of transport and quite frankly it is the only mode of transport if one want to travel great distances.  Is it even possible to take a ship to India?? I don’t fancy passage on a cargo ship, even in first class!

Going back to the missing plane, are they still relatively easy targets for terrorists or is it such a high impact attack that sends shivers to most of us that drives them to continue to target planes? I use the word terrorist here generally call it hijacker or anything else.

The Malaysian authorities have been criticised for not being open about what information they had but it seems as if they are only piecing the puzzle together with help from other nations.  It seems an unprecedented event and I hope the aviation industry will take necessary precautions in future…such as removing manual override of radar and GPS.



One Comment to “Flying Fears”

  1. Oh my god Bubbly, tell me about it. I have so much anxiety about flying now. I’m flying to New York soon, alone. I will knock a drink back but if there’s anyone around me who is panicking I will join in.

    Those poor families as well, imagine wishing that terrorists have taken over as a lesser of two evils.

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