Happy St Patrick’s Day…

… and Guinness we salute you!
Guinness has pulled its sponsorship of the New York City Parade (huge given the Irish population there) because gay and lesbian groups were banned.
A socialist at heart I am always cynical of every big corporate’s moves as being ultimately about marketing but I will give credit to Guinness here, well done for pulling out of an event that is supposed to celebrate a wonderful saint and instead bans a group of people from attending. If the parade banned black people we’d be going crazy so why not when homosexuals are banned?
Now if there ever was an excuse to drink Guinness! (I like mine with a dash of Ribena please!)

One Comment to “Happy St Patrick’s Day…”

  1. Coke got a fair bit of bad publicity from Sochi. It shows the power of the consumers, and which view the majority holds.

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